Professor Robert Powers

The Professor has been teaching Chemistry and Physics to high schoolers for 7 years, currently teaching ages 3-18 at The Summit Preparatory School. He has his BS in Chemistry Education from Missouri State University, and an M.Ed in STEM Education from Concordia University. When he’s not completely immersed in sharing his passion for science with everyone around him, he plays guitar and sings in various local bands, and also spends time with his wonderful wife and ProPow co-founder and their 3 rambunctious and precocious boys, 3 dogs, and one fierce kitten.

Professor Craig

Professor Craig wins the prize for funnest job history. With a resume including phlebotomist, microbiological quality control technician, animal keeper with Wonders of Wildlife (including swimming with sharks and training bobcats, otters, and alligators), death scene investigator and autopsy assistant, he's really done it all! While not teaching ProPow classes, Prof. Craig is an instructor at OTC, teaching anatomy & physiology and microbiology. 

Kara Remington Powers

Amidst a career in marketing, design, and gallery management, Kara started Professor Powers with her husband and has since found a new passion in managing the organization. While Professor Powers works on curriculum, Kara handles all the behind the scenes things, including program development, logistics, customer service, and marketing.