Professor Powers Science Symposium is offering kids and teens multiple options for engaging, educational, and fun summer camps.

Each of the following camps will take place under the Pavilion at Farmers Park in Springfield, Missouri, located at 2144 E. Republic Road. Registration for all camps is now closed. If you have a child attending a Professor Powers summer camp, please send your child with a water bottle labeled with their name, and comfortable clothes. On hot days, there will be frequent breaks to play in the fountains and cool off. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Music Science Camp  |  July 11-15, 9am to Noon
Let's Rock: Music scientists needed!  We need enthusiastic kids to help us explore the science of music.  Prospective music scientists must be prepared to learn how to turn anything into an electric instrument.  Scientists will also learn how sound works.  What are octaves?  Why do some chords sound happy while others sound sad?  We'll explore the nature of sound and how to make music through hands-on, interactive experiments. Kids will bring home a variety of rad musical projects throughout the week.

Detective Camp  |  July 18-22, 9am to Noon
Help! Springfield’s Meteorite has been stolen! We need detectives to help solve the crime and recover this treasured artifact. Our student crime-solvers will use forensic science to help solve the mystery. They will build exciting tools that will help with their investigation at camp and future crime-solving at home! Includes lessons in geology, astronomy, and forensic science.

Space Engineering Camp  |  July 25-29, 9am to Noon
Future engineers are needed to help with space exploration! We will be collecting important data and amazing imagery with a drone. Future engineers will be building remote-controlled vehicles and robot rovers capable of exploring a distant planet. All students will work on a variety of take home projects as well, including DIY telescopes, rockets, and much more! Space engineers will leave this camp ready to explore the solar system and beyond!