Looking for an impactful, local nonprofit to support this #GivingTuesday? Professor Powers Science Symposium is a great choice if you seek to empower children through education!

Comprehensive science education has never been more important. Through Professor Powers’ mission of cultivating creativity through science education, we can help give children the building blocks and tools necessary for a career field in the 21st century. Our primary goal for 2017 is to build a curriculum service, accessible by public schools as well as homeschoolers, to ignite the creative spark that will yield our future's greatest scientific minds. This curriculum would provide downloadable worksheets, presentations, as well as the equipment necessary for coordinating labs and other hands-on projects.

We believe that science is not just a class at school, it is the paradigm in which we view the world. By providing affordable curriculum options to the surrounding area, we can nurture and cultivate students with an opportunity to explore the world from a viewpoint focused on creative problem solving, but we can’t do it alone. Your donation will 100% go directly towards building this curriculum program, as well as scholarship opportunities for qualified districts and families. By supporting Professor Powers Science Symposium, you are taking a direct hand in building a better future.