Methods of Science: Energy


Methods of Science: Energy

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Methods of Science is an upper level science class offered to Middle & High school grade level students and taught by Professor Jen. The semester of weekly classes is offered in four consecutive 4-week sections, with one fully integrated lab component per section. Each 4-week section will include 6 hours of core materials, aligning with Missouri State Education Standards. If your child is unable to attend class, resources and curriculum will be made available to you. Class will be held in the 417 Kids Classroom, located at 916 W Atlantic in Springfield.

In this 16 week class, we will explore an overview of the basic facets of Science -- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology -- through a fundamental tenet linking them all: Energy. Concepts included can be grasped by a motivated Middle School student, but fundamental and important enough to be taught at the college level. Students with a basic understanding of Algebra may excel in this class. 

Section 3  |  Energy in the Earth

  • Gravitational potential energy.
  • Kinetic energy.
  • Erosion of canyons and caves
  • The Greenhouse Effect

Wednesday, March 21st @ 10:30am-12pm
Wednesday, March 28th @ 10:30am-12pm
Wednesday, April 4th @ 10:30am-12pm
Wednesday, April 11th @ 10:30am-12pm

Section 4  |  Energy in the Universe

  • Energy from the sun. 
  • Nuclear fusion and fission.
  • Types of radiation.
  • The Standard Model.
  • The Big Bang.

Wednesday, April 18th @ 10:30am-12pm
Wednesday, April 25th @ 10:30am-12pm
Wednesday, May 2nd @ 10:30am-12pm
Wednesday, May 9th @ 10:30am-12pm

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