Welcome to the application process for the Professor Powers Young Physicists Academy!

This highly selective program is intended for bright, engaged and inquisitive kids who don’t shy away from a challenge. Young Physicists Academy (YPA) will act as a very hands-on introduction to many physics concepts that are not typically covered until upper high school and beyond, but will also encourage creative problem solving and alternative learning styles, which will assist your child in and out of the classroom!

Young Physicists will learn about advanced kinematics, forces, energy, electricity and optics. This will be accomplished through a variety of labs and hands-on projects. Upon completion students will have a firm understanding of important physics concepts and how they apply to the world around them.  

This class series will be held at The Summit Preparatory School at 2155 W Chesterfield Blvd in Springfield, once a month from January through May, from 1pm to 3pm. Registration is just $150 for the 5 classes, including materials. Although preferred applicants are in grades 9th-12th, younger students will be considered based on qualifications. Due to the nature of this class and the resources and space required, we are limited to 10 students and permission of Professor Powers. Applicants should have a basic understanding of algebra.

Qualified applicants will be selected on a first come, first served basis. After your application has been submitted, you will be contacted via email within one week regarding your child's acceptance. Registration and payment is due immediately upon receiving the acceptance notification. The application process will be open until noon on Monday, January 9th.

January 21st  |  1pm-3pm
February 18th  |  1pm-3pm
March 25th  |  1pm-3pm
April 15th  |  1pm-3pm
May 13th  |  1pm-3pm

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